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Since the launch of PAW∙PUP & Play Events the blog has hosted two meetups at the Lucky Dog Bark & Brew Lake Norman location close to Charlotte, NC. Our first event consisting of a random meetup to indulge in their weekly Tuesday Bath & Brew Night. With the second event in celebration of Halloween for the coming week. At both events we were able to sit and chat freely with various people already visiting the location.

Dog owners are seriously friendly. It’s really great how at ease you can be when there’s a topic of common interest tat each person or group has to come back to when the conversation may get stale. Outside of learning about who the owners are and what they’re into it’s quite easy to get into a longwinded story about your pet’s personality and all of the crazy adventures you’ve been on with them. Then when you’re done talking you can just go off and play with your pup or head back to where your belongings are. I wouldn’t necessarily leave my stuff unless there was someone else to watch my items though.

Bath & Brew Nights are a $15 bundle of one dog bath and a drink of your choice off the menu with mixed alcoholic drinks as a surcharge.

August 27th

On the first outing friends came out to support as well as invited acquaintances of their own to join the party. Since we were new to the location we took our time filling out a short ‘membership’ form to make checkin easier for future visits. Basically you’re just signing that your pet is spayed/neutered and that you take responsibility for said pets actions while on the property.

To get ourselves situated at the bar we unleashed them in the indoor play area to run around first. After we picked our drinks out and payed for the baths we brought the pups out onto the back patio since it was evening and pretty cool out. Once situated in the outdoor patio area, at a high top table, we let the dog run and roam free. Most of the time they stayed by our sides since they’re not fans of drifting off too far.

When it was time for the pups to get their baths a staff member came out, put their leashes on, and took them inside for bath time. After their baths concluded they were brought back out practically dry and squeaky clean. We spent about a total of 2-3 hours there and then headed home with hopefully all of the energy ran out of them for a good nights rest!


October 26th

On our second meetup we attended a HOWL-O-Ween event being hosted at Lucky’s where owners and dogs alike could dress up and enter the costume contest. We didn’t participate this year but we had the chance to see some pretty adorable costumes! We’re most definitely brewing up ideas for next year though. It was great seeing some familiar faces from the previous meetup and mingling with new faces from the events attendees. Zoey and I were running slightly behind having just gotten home from aerial and needing to shower and get dressed. Even hard a slight meltdown on whether to try dressing like a witch by finding my witches hat, in which case I did not find so I settled for an orange shirt, dark lipstick, and cat ears for fun. Then we were off and headed down the road.

Our good friend Kiara was already their with her sweet baby girl Ana. In just 30 minutes our significant others joined us brining along Ali, another young pup in our friend circle. Since the place was fairly crowded in terms of tables and seating being used, we snagged a high top table that had no chairs and stood around it willing our babies to go off and enjoy themselves. At one point we were greeted by a gray Great Dane who’s head was actually level with the table (breast level, and I’m 5’6) which scared the bejesus out of us because he was so slick with it. Towards the end of our three hours there we packed up and all headed home with completely tuckered out pups in tow.

Zoey met another Golden Retriever who was smitten with her and our friends puppy, Ali, was the terror of the town outside. He was always off sprinting and causing all the other pups to get rilled up and chasing after him; which is to be expected of such a young pup.

While there, some of us brought in our own food from Panda Express or grabbed Smoked BBQ Pulled Chicken & Mac & Cheese from the food truck right outside. Since Lucky‘s is not allowed to prep food, for sanitary reasons, they allow outside food or will have food trucks available at events. However, outside drinks are not permitted since they do have a full service bar available.


We got a couple of great shots from the event, but we were there to mainly enjoy ourselves. If you’re ever in attendance I’ll be the one with a professional looking canon m50 camera just hanging out. Feel free to approach me for a pet portrait if I don’t approach you first!

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