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Lost & Found Bar — Girl’s Night Out

So bam! Out of nowhere my friend Abigale put in the girls Instagram group chat a post about this new bar in Charlotte. Apparently they’re having a grand opening. Naturally I joke and say we should go. Welp, that’s exactly what we did after all discussing when to go and where to meetup at.

Yeah things never go according to plan. First of all we were all running late. Secondly, we couldn’t decide on what to wear. Dress up, dress down, dress somewhere in the middle? We landed on ‘somewhere in the middle’.

After finally all getting together, and grabbing cookout, we make our way to Lost & Found. It’s actually over by Let’s Meat KBBQ — you should check out my post about them. By the way you have to pay for parking if you can’t grab any street parking. With the ParkMobile app It’s only $4.35 for 12 hours.

When we first get there we’re confused about where the ‘front’ is but by the looks of it there’s only one way in. Essentially, Lost & Found Charlotte has this open free flowing bar vibe. It’s both indoor and outdoor. There are table areas and booths you can reserve that have seating and then there’s the bar and two high top community tables that you can try snagging chairs for — which is exactly what we did after getting a round of drinks.

Finding A Chair

So at the beginning we’re just wandering around getting a feel of the place. It’s not too packed but there’s plenty of traffic and you may occasionally get bumped as people pass by you. So we‘re standing next to the community table and we see a free chair underneath on the other side. Well I pull it forward with my foot under the table before whoever on that side catches it and I have Kiara sit down first. Then I ask the gentleman to our right if he’s using the chair in front of him; he says no and proceeds to slide me said chair. Now the guy is intrigued and he watches me eyeing another chair directly opposite of me on the far right side of the table. I’m like slightly squating down to get a better angle, and just as I’m about to give up he asks if I want that chair and I say ‘yes’. Welp, ole boy walks around grabs the chair and hands to me — wasn’t that really nice of him?

Girl Crowd or Not?

Now we’re all seated comfortably so we can just enjoy our people watching in peace. Which was quite funny considering the grand opening crowd was very ‘white’ if you catch my drift. Nothing wrong with it but you could clearly tell who the targeted demographic was. Which actually brings to an interesting topic on self identification as a more awkward black girl. It’s really hard to not see things in terms of that’s what ”white people do”. Like what’s another term for it?

Aside from that what was most surprising to us was the amount of men present. You would have thought based on their ads that it was more of a girl spot. On the other hand I could see how if a man thought a ton of girls would be there then it would be a perfect spot to go shoot your shot at.

What Exactly Do You Do at Bars?

Outside of people watching we spent our time just talking about our significant others, our wealth journey’s and the interesting question of “How would you want your significant other to approach you about wanting you to lose weight“? Not to forget, we also talked about my international bachelorette trip and a sort of ‘makeup’ girls weekend we could host for anyone who couldn’t do the big trip but still wanted to include an activity for them to partake in.

By the time we finished talking about those topics we looked at the time and realized we needed to get the heck out of there since we were meeting the guys for skating out in Concord. But we couldn’t leave without snapping up some good ole pictures! What’s a moment if you don’t capture it on film? We had a ball in the bathroom and at the entrance to it. Other than that the big flower wall wasn’t worth the hassle since it was a VIP location and you wouldn’t have been able to get close to it to take a decent picture.

As always I enjoyed my time out with the girls. Feeling as if I have a life outside of my romantic relationship is really important to me. I never want to be so wrapped up in a man that I am codependent on him for something as simple as my social needs and my desire to connect with people.


What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? Share on social media with the hashtag, comment below, or send me a private message!


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