#AerialAntics - Week 8 - Wrap Up!

Today was a free for all!

As always we started with our normal warmup of knee crunches and leg raises. We also practiced our BALL one last time to see if myself and another couple students could finally do it, or for those who could do it could they move on to the next position with is a pencil. When you're upside down in your ball your knees are bent. When you want to move into your pencil you just straighten your legs so that your entire body is straight but upside down.

Before getting free time we reviewed our FOOT LOCK FROM AIR. I practiced a few times on the ground before trying it in the air. One of the other girls asked Aly why she kept slipping on the SILKS, and Aly reminded all of us that the weather changes make the SILKS react differently and sometimes they trap moisture. She told us if we needed the help, because we're still working on our grip, that we could use RAZEN. I had forgotten about the RAZEN. Essentially, it's similar to CHALK that gymnasts use of metal but instead it's perfect for making your hands sticky so that it helps with your grip. I decided this class that I'd try it out, and it did the trick! I was able to get into my FOOT LOCK IN THE AIR because I could focus on the technique and not worry about slipping from the SILKS!!!

I was so proud of myself!

Then our instructor told us that we could work on anything we wanted. She did a quick review of all of the different poses we had covered during the duration of the course. Most of which can all be done without getting down and out of your foot lock. Just go back to the starting point of each pose: getting into your standing foot lock and separating the rope into two ribbons.

I decided I wanted to focus on my CLOTHESLINE and BOW & ARROW. I got into my CLOTHESLINE and it was both scary and exhilarating at the same time. My BOW & ARROW still needs some practice. Keep following my journey and you might catch it!

The gangs all here! Well minus one.

My Eight Week Reflection

Being with these ladies, struggling together for the last 8 weeks, was a pleasure. We all encouraged each other. We applauded and congratulated each other every time someone achieved a technique or pose. Some picked up the skills easier than others and others took some practice. We each had our strengths and weaknesses but none of us acted better than our neighbor.

Every week I went home sore but happy. Every Sunday I woke up with delayed soreness worse than the day of the workout. At the beginning, I was concerned that I wouldn't stick with it. I thought I would struggle to make it to class, and I did, but I got up at 8:45am every Saturday (minus the two weeks I missed class). I've learned to appreciate this me time that I allot myself. I go to my aerial class just for me. I've been wanting to get back into my health journey, and although it's only one day a week, it's one more day than what I used to do. My goal is to continue going to my aerial class. I'm hoping to find a balance with work, being a girlfriend, and a friend, so that I can increase the focus on myself. Granted I blog for myself too but, I'm also catering it to an audience, to you. So, this is the one thing I have for myself.

And there you have it. My aerial journey isn't over, not by a long shot, it's just beginning and I've purchased 12 classes to prove it! Enough to get me through the next 3 months.


What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? Share on social media with the hashtag, comment below, or send me a private message!

My results of the past 8 weeks! Clearly I worked on some things more than others.


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