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Bungee Fitness at PHphysique Studio

Hey guys!

As always I like trying new things and most recently trying new fitness classes has been really intriguing to me. So, in December I looked at my ClassPass credits and realized that I was going to have a little too much overage — I’m only allowed to rollover 10 credits each cycle so anything above thone 10 credits gets lost. Well, I was originally looking for a Yoga class to attend. Honestly I just wanted something that was close to my house that I could do after work; with a time slot that didn’t make me anxious about whether or not I’d make it. I kept scrolling through the group fitness classes available and stumbled across a bungee fitness group class at PHphysique Studio Bungee & Fitness in Cornelius, NC.

Now I’ve seen pictures and some short videos of similar classes and immediately I was intrigued — see that’s how I knew it was meant for me because I’ve been practicing all year to go with my gut. The credit value was good at only 2 credits for the class (I only get 21 each cycle but with rollover credits I have anywhere between 21-31 credits). So I booked it! Why not? It was just 10 minutes down the road from me so it was perfect.

Fast forward to the day of my scheduled class.

The drive was relatively easy but locating the business studio was not. Since It’s the winter time it gets dark early and by the time it was 6:00pm it was pitch black unless you had the help of street lights. Yeah that row of businesses didn’t have good lighting and none of the signs were lit. I ended up calling the studio so that they could better direct me.

Once I made it inside the small studio I was graciously created by who I believe to be the owner and then the fitness instructor. In the class it was myself and two other women, who came across as friends who’d booked it together. WARNING: You do have to workout bare foot so prepare yourself if you’re a germophobe. The first thing they did was give me a waist harness that I put on — it was basically like wearing an uncomfortable diaper. Then I was centered on a dot that’s marked on the floor for each person and my harness was hooked up to the bungee cord, which was attached to the ceiling.

Throughout the first part of class they readjust the bungee cord to make sure you’re comfortable and that it has the right amount of slack but also tension. We started off pretty slow, for a more consistently fit person, beginners may beg to differ though. We practiced doing squats, turning, running and etc. Eventually we got into our first set of movements by getting comfortable with running and jumping at the end — it sort of felt like flying. After, we practiced falling and catching ourselves in a push-up position. Take it a step further and actually complete a pushup. Next up we practiced squat turns (sorry that’s the best I can describe it) and to take it up a notch each time you turned in the squat position do a burpee. Each time we learned a new technique we added on to our choreography.

By the end of the class we had a full on routine hashed out and the fitness instructor just called out the next move and we complied on 1...2....3!!!! My take away from the class was although it was a bit low intensity I could easily see how, when you continually go and move up in class levels, that it could be more intense. When we were piecing together out choreography I could feel my heart rate pick up because of the constant movement. In addition, I really appreciate the owner taking a video of the class and then airdropping it to us at the end. Since it was my first class I didn’t feel comfortable setting up my own camera — that’s really only something I do for aerial, but I love being able to grab moments on camera for you guys to see.



December Updates:

Did I make it to my kickboxing studio twice each week for the 5:30am classes? No, but I did go at least 3 times last month. The first two weeks on December I did manage to workout 3 times though and the third week, right before my winter break started I worked out 2 times. I’m proud of that because it’s progress on my end. The last week of December I did not take Zoey on any trails like I originally intended. Between resting up from work and battling a 5 day cold for Christmas, I just didn’t have the energy to take her. Also, I have a fear of going places alone like trails by myself — trying to get over that bit.

I did read two books though! A friend of mine advised me on how to download books to my iPad and I worked out how to sync them across platforms. So whenever I wanted to jump on social media, which I did, I would remind myself that I have access to several ebooks on my phone And then switch over to read.

January Wellness Goals:

Physically, I have intentions to:

  1. Try out a new group fitness class or location — just because I like one studio doesn’t mean I have to stop there and never try a different yoga or kickboxing studio or even just to try a different instructor.

  2. Work out 13 times this month. It’s best that I try evening it out at 3 times a week on full weeks and twice a week on shorter weeks.

Mentally, I have intentions to:

  1. Draw at least one thing digitally — drawing is a stress reliever for me and I need to devote time to that.

  2. Read at least two books — I wonder if I should start doing book reviews on like Goodreads or something. I’m learning that I don’t have to do everything myself. I’m not trying to be a book blogger who has these long elaborate reviews but I do want to share my short thoughts with you all or at least give you access to the platform that I use for my reviews. We’ll see how that goes, wish me luck!


And then there you have it guys! I will update you next month on how it went, and set new intentions for the coming month as well. Check back in to see how I'm doing each month. Also, don't forget to subscribe to the newsletter for my personal take on how life's going and how I'm embracing finding joy in the ordinary.

How are you finding happiness in the ordinary? Have you gone #BeyondYourWindow in terms of adventure, travel, or perspective recently? Feel free to share your journey by engaging with the blog on social media or using the hashtag. As always, happy seeking!


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