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NEW YEAR: What’s Next? The Four ‘R’s

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Hey good people!

It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s totally fine to use this time to do what I like to call: Readjust, Realign, & Refocus. Some people will say that you don’t have to use the start of a new year to make new goals and resolutions or to want to fix yourself — that you should do that at any time of the year. And you know what? They are right. You can choose at any moment this upcoming year to decide to switch gears simply because you can. You don’t have to wait until 2021 hits to start fresh and anew for yourself. What I don’t care for some people is how they try to make it sound like it’s such a horrible thing to use the new year to want to set new goals. So, I choose not to listen to the naysayers and negative nancies. Do what makes you feel good because it’s your life, not theirs.

I actually like this time of the year. Between my birthday, the start of a new year, and my blog anniversary all spanning from December 12th to January 26th it’s the perfect time for me to reflect on my personal journey. I like to use the start of a new school year to reflect on my career goals and how I want to be better for my students around that time. So I give myself two checkpoints each year. Once in January and once in August. Do what works for you.

In order for me to Readjust, Realign, & Refocus I first have to REFLECT.


2019 Reflection:

Wow, a ton of things happened to me but here are the biggest highlights:

  • I attended my first Dreamville Festival — not sure we’re going back this year due to inflation costs and wedding budgets; which leads me into my next highlight:

  • I got engaged to literally the love of my life!

  • I finished up my first full year of teaching & I also started my second year of teaching in the fall.

  • I finally started my #RoadToLicensure journey by taking three online courses this past year — I need four classes in total, complete three full years teaching with good classroom observation scores and to take the PRAXIS exam for my subject and discipline before I’m allowed to submit for a full teaching license. I currently have a provisional license, so think driver’s permit.

  • I was more invested in my blog and I’m starting to get into a better rhythm of some aspects while still letting the blog evolve into what I need it to be for myself.

  • I continued to read but I also decided I wanted to get back to my roots; which for me is drawing. It’s an intimidating and daunting task because I actually don’t like to free draw but I used to do it as a child and I’m good at it. I just need to finally hone in on my talents and learn to develop them if I ever want to get better.

  • Lastly, I celebrated my 25th year of life!


Some observations I was able to make throughout the year really was for one: not everything I do or enjoy needs to be made into a money making scheme. I think I’ve gotten really tied up in what others around me are doing and wanting to be independent like them because I do have such a strong sense of independence but it’s just not for me. I kept thinking of ways to turn my hobbies into money revenues and it was stressing me out — not something I needed. 

Thanks to my better half, and the help of some conversations I’ve had with close friends, I’ve realized that not everyone’s personal life is all put together or what I imagined based off the little that I know of them. Social media really is this filtered view we piece together for the world to see and it’s not really as raw as some may believe. I have a lot more in common with some individuals than I deemed possible, and it was a bonding factor for me.

My final major observation would have to be that if I’m unsatisfied with something then I need to take control, of what I can control, and do something about it. I wasn’t satisfied with how some aspects of my alma mater homecoming were handled or with how some yearly celebrations were handled this past year. I haven’t been satisfied with my lack of contact with people and I was upset about their lack of effort. I’m still navigating that aspect of my relationships and I’m trying my hardest to balance not changing up who I am but also taking their effort as a sign of where I stand with them. I strongly believe that if you want to cultivate a friendship with someone you'll at least try. In 2018, and yes I mean 2018, I felt like I reached out to a lot of people with really no success. It was all very surface level hello’s and how’s life that never really got past that, and it impacted how I dealt with people in 2019. I didn’t really reach out to people and I was honestly waiting to see who’d reach out to me, see if my presence was missed. That was an interesting year and experiment and I’m hoping to navigate this upcoming year with more of a level head and to be more open about what I want and need from the people around me, but also accept that they may not want the same things as me. Which leads me right into the good stuff: 2020.


Hindsight’s 20/20

Instead of setting specific goals like, this is my year of yes to food — which by the way I’m continuing. I decided this year needed to just be focused on two words or umbrella terms: ROOTED + PERSPECTIVE.

So what does it mean to be ROOTED this year?

I’m setting my intentions for 2020 to be that I am rooted, or firmly planted, in myself and in my surroundings. I need to continue embracing the woman that I truly am and living my life unapologetically (haha throw back to the blogs original name). There are just some aspects of myself that I really need to stop hiding and just accept that those things I deem weird in today’s society are exactly what makes me unique. We’re all just a little weird in our own way and we should accept that. I also want to appreciate the moments I experience a little bit more. I’ve been trying to stay off my phone and I’m doing better at it. Being invested in what I’m doing right then and there rather than tweeting my whole way through it.

How can my PERSPECTIVE impact my year?

I do a fantastically horrible job at looking at things negatively. I will hone in on the negative aspect of something and almost fixate on it sometimes and it really taints my experiences. This will be my hardest concept to work on in 2020, but I’m determined to work on it. I know that how you perceive things and how you allow yourself to view people or events is greatly affect how you experience them. I want to acknowledge the bad because I’m hoping some aspects can be used to remedy future experiences, but I want to focus on the good. Besides, how else am I going to find happiness in the ordinary? I’m hoping this will allow me to be not only more honest with myself but also with the people around me.

PS: You guys can thank my amazing future hubby for my New Year's intentions. Although these aren’t words he’d use this really is his motto on life in general.

How are you finding happiness in the ordinary? Have you gone #BeyondYourWindow in terms of adventure, travel, or perspective recently? Feel free to share your journey by engaging with the blog on social media or using the hashtag. As always, happy seeking!


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