H.E.R in Concert - #LightsOnTour

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I have only ever been to 3 concerts in my life.

This concert making it my third. My first concert was a mind blowing experience. I went to see J. Cole in my hometown of Fayetteville, NC with my sister and friends. It was nothing short of AMAZING. All of the opening acts were good. We had actual seats since it was in the coliseum. Granted, we didn’t sit down that often but it was nice to know you had them when you needed to give your feet a break.

My second concert was this past summer. It was the Sweet, Sexy, Savage tour by Kehlani. I absolutely adore her and her music. I can bop to basically all of it. Now that time I went by myself since I had no one to go with. It was an experience of its own. The room was standing room only, no seats unless you paid for V.I.P tickets.

Also, when I got there I found one good space but that was immediately ruined by the tall boyfriend who decided to stand in my view and honestly who cared when 10 thousand other people were blocking the view with their cameras. Every last person in the building had their phone up recording the WHOLE SHOW. Not just some personal favorite verses or courses, a couple of pictures. No, their phones stayed in the air the entire time. SO basically I watched the concert via Snapchat right in front of me. Not to mention I apparently found myself in a high traffic area because everybody and they mama needed to go back and forth between the audience floor and the bar - talk about annoying.

Other than that I enjoyed the music. Loved the opening acts and actually started my own love for Ella Mai and downloaded all of her music!

Fast forward to the recent H.E.R. concert here in Charlotte, NC. I went with my best friend! Just having someone there who I love and can have a great time with no matter what makes everything better.

What I will say is: I had a fun and enjoyable night. It was awesome sauce seeing H.E.R. in concert, and yes I got to actually see her! No watching from people's phones this time. Her opening acts weren't really my cup of tea but I hope others there liked them, and for future reference these people need to get some people with some real throwing arms. You can’t be throwing out t-shirts and stuff but can’t get past the fourth row of people.

What I’m thankful for is the fact that that girl can SAAAAAAANG. Vocals were great so I wasn’t upset that she didn’t sound like the CD version lol. Then to wrap up my night my bestie and I headed over to Midnight Diner, a first for the both of us. It was good but I’ll choose Waffle House over any other breakfast diner/restaurant in a heartbeat.

Thanks for reading you guys.


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