#AerialAntics - Week 7

We're almost done...

There's literally only one week left in my intro course. It seems like only yesterday that I started my Aerial journey. I find it both exciting and saddening at the same time. Excited that I actually stuck with something athletic for this long of a time. However saddened that the course is ending. Which means now it's on me to make the conscious effort each week to make time for my continuation of my Aerial journey.

Let's get right into it.

Today we started off with the usual, one set of ten straight arm hang leg crunches and one set of ten shoulder lock off leg crunches. Those things really get your hand grip going and start to activate your arm muscles. After this warm-up we go right into practicing our BALL. It's looking like last week was a miracle. Tried as I might I couldn't get into it. I'm not upset about it because I know as long as I continue to practice it'll end up coming naturally.

This week is also a little different. We're missing three other students, so we technically don't have to share silks with anyone. Here's the problem with that: No pairs = No break. Normally group 1 goes, then group 2 follows. It helps let each group take a pause and rest from practicing. Without pairs today we kept going straight through until our bodies were getting burnt out. Our instructor had to remind us that we were flying through the days lesson and needed to rest between each practice.

Next up was to review our CLIMBING technique. I still can't climb so I haven't even been able to practice my descent. Either I don't have the upper-body strength for it or I'm just psyching myself out about it. This is my biggest area that I need to improve in and continue practicing. Next up we go into practicing our CLOTHESLINE. Now last week I wasn't comfortable doing it so, I would get into position but I wouldn't complete the rest of the steps. Today I got it! My instructor told me to practice just getting the ribbon tucked into the back of my knee. That's the most important part. If that's not secure then you can't properly complete the pose. Once I felt more secure, I felt more confident and comfortable letting go. Our last piece of review was our STRADDLE which I'm really good at. I have a great sense of self control of my body.

Finally got into my "CLOTHESLINE" during Week 8!


We got a new pose today!

Our newest pose is called a BOW & ARROW. It's actually very elegant the more you can sink into it and lift your leg. It feels weird at first because of the placement of the ribbon behind you, but you get used to it.

  1. Get into a basic foot lock

  2. Separate the rope into ribbons, one hand on each ribbon

  3. Turn and put your hips between the ribbons

  4. Place your free leg (left leg) through the ribbons

  5. Make sure the ribbon on your left leg is secured

  6. Next, raise your left leg into a high knee

  7. Now place both your hands on the right-side ribbon

  8. Extend your left leg out and back (keeping the ribbon taut with tension placed on your left butt cheek)

  9. With your hands, extend your arms all the way out (The lower you go the more aligned your body will become)

I managed to actually do my BOW & ARROW, I just didn't get deep into it. Hopefully in the last class I can get photos of it, but for your enjoyment here's me having some aerial fun upside down.

Oh, just hanging around in my STRADDLE

What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? Share on social media with the hashtag, comment below, or send me a private message!


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