#AerialAntics - Week 6

My life has been hectic. I ended up not being able to go to last weeks class because of the effects of Hurricane Florence. The weekend I was meant to go to my sorority, conference was for the 22nd of September, however, my conference date was changed to UNC Charlotte's homecoming weekend. Something I was not about to miss. I ended up changing out my conference meeting area altogether to the one in Virginia. Hence, me not going to my aerial class.

Now I'm back and excited to finish out the rest of my course. Only 2 more weeks after today! Today was a catch up kind of day for me. Unlike the second week when i missed class I didn't miss much then, but this time I missed quite a bit from Week 5.

Here goes nothing...

First up was the "Straddle". My instructor got the other girls on what they needed to do while myself and Tina were paired up since she missed last week too. My instructor took us to one mat and tied our SILKS into a knot close to the floor.

  1. The first goal was to position the knot on the SILKS on your lower back (it took a little squatting and wiggling to get there)

  2. As the knot sits on your lower back each ribbon should be in your hands on either side of you

  3. Then you lay back on the knot; feet still planted; your back parallel with the floor

  4. The next step is important, tilt your head back and swing your legs over your head (make sure that the ribbons are tucked into the crevice of your thighs and waist)

Right now the SILKS are still separated into ribbons; now it's time to pull them together.

  1. Take your hands and reach up between your legs

  2. Grab the ribbons together to make a single pole

  3. Now place your feet on the pole above your hands

  4. With your core, lift your hips so that your back is no longer resting on the knot behind you and that you're holding yourself up by yourself

  5. To check your balance let one leg leave the pole and touch backwards, and then the other

Take your hands and reach up between your legs. Make sure not to slam your feet down on the mat when you're trying to sit up right. Here's a photo that Tina snagged of me on my first day attempting this bad boy!l

Remember the fact that I can't actually "Climb"?

Well ya girl learned how to do a "Foot Lock in the Air". However, before you can attempt it in the air it's best to learn it on the ground! So we sat down and, since the SILKS are so long that they drag on the ground, we practiced with the excess. Eventually after learning the steps on the ground we switched to in the air. The idea is that you can do it through muscle memory. I managed to do it in the air with a great bit of effort, but I learned later on it's best to try it with the SILKS version of chalk. Like how gymnasts use it to help grip bars.


I'm going to be honest here. Although the publication date on this post will be backdated to October, I didn't write this until Christmas Eve. What does that mean? It means my memory is super fuzzy and I don't remember the steps for this particular maneuver. What I can promise you is that I will come back to this post and add in the steps at a later date!

Well, ta ta for now! Don't forget to check out more of my #AerialAntics from the other weeks!


What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? Share on social media with the hashtag, comment below, or send me a private message!


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