#AerialAntics - Week 4

My memory is fading as I attempt to remember the details from this week.....

Today's class was not the same as our previous ones. For starters we weren't on our usual SILKS in the front of the studio. Instead we had to walk behind the front desk to the set of SILKS off to the left in the middle. These were still low SILKS for beginners, and just as colorful as our normal ones, but somehow the space just felt more confined in the moment. Instead of there being 5 SILKS available there were only 4. This meant that I was sharing with one of my classmates: Erica. It made no real difference to me. I was pretty much grateful for it.

As usual we completed our high knees and went on to our L-sits. If my memory serves me correctly I was back to working on my BALL. Still not quite getting it but trying all the same. The refreshing thing about having a partner is that it forces you to stop and let the other person go which makes you take a break. I needed that.

We also learned a new descent technique. Granted I understand the maneuvers to complete it, but I simply wasn't there yet in my journey to try it. First, you start out with your BASIC CLIMB.

  • Place both hands around the rope above your head

  • Wrap your right leg around the SILKS (starting with the rope on the inside of your thigh)

  • Pull up on the rope while simultaneously jumping and catching your free foot (left leg) on top of the SILKS that are draped over your right foot. (this prevents it from being all upper body strength holding you up)

  • At this point your arms should be hugging your sides and hands are chest level on the rope. With your foot grip still in place, move your hands above your head on the rope again.

  • Now, release your grip on your foot that holds the SILKS in place, and bring your knees to your chest (you must keep the ribbon wrapped around your foot)

  • Afterwards, find the SILKS again with your left foot and grip the SILKS between your stacked feet.

  • Now, stand up right. (you'll see that you've climbed the rope slightly further)

  • Then, repeat!

The descent is pretty basic:

  • Just separate the two ribbons (No matter how high you are)

  • Hold on to one ribbon and lean the top half of your body through the ribbons

  • Slowly release your grip on the cloth on your foot and you'll slowly descent


Enough about what I haven't mastered yet...

Remember my "Sail" from last week? I got into it this time!!! Last week I was just so tired from all that we were doing that I didn't feel confident enough to complete this. I thought my arms would give loose from me and I'm afraid of falling and twisting my ankle or anything painful happening.

This is all upper body baby.

Managed to get into my "Sail" this week.

Moving on to the newest trick we learned and that I mastered.

Okay maybe I didn't master it perse, but I did get into it lol. Last trick of the day was a "Layback Invert". As always out instructor went through all of the steps first to show us what to expect and then she walked us through each phase step by step. I went in the second round.

Like every other maneuver we've done get into your basic foot lock and seperate the ribbons:

  • Make sure that your hips are facing through the ribbons

  • Take your free leg (left leg) and place it through the middle of the ribbons

  • Starting off with baby steps place your hands on each ribbon at about eye level

  • Lean back and raise your free leg to your chest

  • The deeper you want to go into the move the lower your hands needs to go on the ribbons

We tried at these three levels: eye level, chest level, and hip level. It's hard to do hip level because you have to have the arm strength to get back up from it, and at this point you're basically in an upside down split.

Completed my "Layback Invert" at chest level.

Well guys this is it for this week. Unfortunately we'll be skipping Week 5 because I have some sorority things to get into. Don't forget to check out more of my #AerialAntics from the other weeks!


What have you done to go #BeyondYourWindow recently? Share on social media with the hashtag, comment below, or send me a private message!


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